South Africa DDI Number ( Virtual Number / DID Number )   with  Unlimited Channels  

No  Per Minute Charges.

These Phone  Numbers are  ideal for  Call Centres,  Calling Card Providers etc. using VoIP,Asterisk, Commercial Soft Switches etc

DDI Numbers are also known as Virtual Numbers/ DID Numbers

Country  : South Africa

Setup Fee     €10

Monthly Fee     €25

Channels Included     10

Minutes Included   Unlimited

Additional Channel    : Not Required  Unlimited Channels  Included

To  Avail  this special offer  contact us.  

South Multi Channel DDI Phone Number can be forwarded by our infrastructure to Voice over IP (VoIP) using SIP, H.323 to anywhere in the world.

Also Available South Africa DDI Phone Number with 2 channels and unlimited incoming calls at    2.25/ Month , click here - >  South Africa DDI Number

Typical applications for South Africa Multi Channel DDI Number / DID Phone Number / Virtual PRI  are :